Hosted at CloudMoxie

If this site seems to load a little faster today it’s because it is now hosted at CloudMoxie, a hosting company that Crowd Favorite (my company) is a partner in.


We’ve been rolling out our hosting services slowly, mainly for our clients at Crowd Favorite, but we’re at a point now where we’re willing to open it up a little more to folks who need reliable, scalable and tested hosting – with a focus on WordPress powered sites.

Our approach to hosting is a little different. We work with you to understand your traffic needs, then we design an architecture to support that – using a variety of cloud services. We then run real load tests to see how the configuration holds up under standard and peak loads. Then we adjust and re-test as needed. We also make recommendations about how to structure your WordPress site, and can help implement new features and techniques in order to scale the site as needed.

By using cloud services, we are able to do this type of configuration and testing quickly and cost efficiently. We can also easily spin up a clone of the site for future load testing of new features or to test new architecture approaches as traffic load dictates.

CloudMoxie definitely isn’t a hosting solution for everyone. I am very pleased to recommend’s VIP hosting which offers great hosting and services if your site is a good fit there. We are happily part of Rackspaces‘s partner program as well and have a number of clients on their servers.

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