Just Use the Empty Tab

I guess this is a pet peeve of mine, but why don’t any of the major browsers open a requested URL in the frontmost tab if that tab is empty (about:blank)? Camino got this right years ago, but Firefox, Safari and Chrome still open up a new tab next to the empty one.

I can’t seem to train myself to work around this. I think “I want to load/view/visit X” and I open a new tab. Then most of the time I use LaunchBar to invoke the bookmark using a 1-2 character shortcut (which opens a new tab with that url).

For some reason I just can’t break myself of the habit of opening the tab first… having to go back and close the empty tab bugs me, and it bugs me that the browser doesn’t work the way I think.

I tried to find an existing bug for this in Bugzilla but after reading through a few hundred I realized that this is going to be so far down the list that even if I submitted a patch it wouldn’t get looked at.

And rightfully so.

So I’ll bitch about it instead; because that’s what the internet is for. 😉