Crowd Favorite Hiring Developers and Interns

My company, Crowd Favorite is hiring.

We’re hiring 3-5 developers, right now. We’ve listed the available positions as: Web Developer, Experienced Web Developer, Developer Intership and Designer/Front-end Developer Internship. We list specific positions because it helps people identify positions they think they can fill, but in reality our hiring approach is really simple: we hire smart people who love to build great things for the web.

Crowd Favorite is Hiring

We’ll hire 3-5 people over the next little bit and it’s likely their skill sets will intersect somewhat with the positions we’ve got listed on the website, but we’re not looking to fit people into boxes. The strengths and abilities of the people we bring on will define their roles with us. We like to put people in position to succeed.

I think Crowd Favorite is a pretty unique place to work. We’ve got a small team (~12-15 people) with a strong technical focus, little “overhead” and no internal politics. It’s a true developer-centric environment.

We get the privilege of working with wonderful clients on interesting and challenging projects. By the nature of our consulting and custom development business, we have the opportunity to work in a wide variety of technical areas. We do a lot of really interesting things with WordPress, and we also get to play with a lot of web services, create web-based applications, etc., etc. We tackle problems ranging from scaling back-end services to optimizing front-end delivery and user experience.

Our basic criteria for taking on projects is: “will this be fun and/or interesting and/or challenging?” Trust me, you won’t get bored.

We also create our own products – some internal and some that we make commercially available (expect a few more product releases as soon as we can package them up). The opportunity to work on both well-defined, specific problems and built long term products is a really great way to make sure we take a pragmatic approach to both.

The work is demanding and you will be expected to understand what you need to do and largely manage your own time and deliverables – we don’t have babysitters. If you want an opportunity to learn and grow, to work with a team of great people, smart people, I want to hear from you.

All of these positions are available in our Denver office. The non-intern positions are all full time with benefits. And you’ll get a pretty cool t-shirt.