WordPress HelpCenter to Reopen!

I am excited to announce that WordPress HelpCenter is coming back! Look for it to reopen on March 14th under new management.

WordPress HelpCenter Reopening!

Nathan Garza, who has been with me at both Crowd Favorite and WordPress HelpCenter is acquiring the business. He is someone I trust, has experience running a business, is intimately familiar with the HelpCenter and is an experienced WordPress developer – a great fit all around.

I’m pleased on two fronts that the HelpCenter will continue. First because it’s a great resource for the WordPress community and I was very sad to be taking that away, and second because I’ll still have a quality resource to refer folks to when Crowd Favorite isn’t a good fit for their needs.

I am keeping an affiliation with the company by joining their board of advisors (I hope my experience will be useful), however I will not have any day-to-day responsibilities.

Based on my conversations with Nathan, I believe the business will structured a little differently once it reopens, but with the same focus on providing great service to the WordPress community. Watch the website for additional details.

It was the right move for me to exit from the HelpCenter; with my other obligations I just couldn’t focus on it enough. At the same time it’s the right move for Nathan to take it over. He can invest the time needed to make it a great WordPress success story. I look forward to watching that happen.

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