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  • The Coming Mobile Data Apocalypse – I talked to Steve about this a week ago and blogged about it over a year ago. Consumption and supply are trending in opposite directions.
  • ignore the code: Multitasking – “For example, right now, Im typing this text in Notational Velocity, and Im looking at the New York Times in a browser. The computer is showing me two windows at the same time. It is multitasking. I, however, am not. I’m absolutely focused on writing this essay. In fact, the computers multitasking is precisely what allows me to focus on writing my essay. I can type text into this window while looking at the Times article in another window without being forced to interrupt my task, and consciously switch between apps.” It also is causing apps to build in features that they shouldn’t. Why does each iOS Twitter app have a web browser built-in? Because switching out to the browser app is such a jarring experience.
  • Operation Shave the Wookiee is under way. – luckily for me, Shawn has already provided the commentary himself in the post.

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