Speaking About WordPress at SxSWi

At SxSWi this year I’ll be joining Shane Pearlman, Brandon Jones and Sonia Simone on a panel entitled Making Money with WordPress (Without Working at Automattic).1

See me at SxSW

We’ll be on stage bright and early at 9:30am on Sunday. Get coffee on the way.

I think it will be a pretty interesting discussion. We’ve got the major WordPress revenue streams (products, services, content) well covered, and each of us has a unique viewpoint on the WordPress community, ecosystem and marketplace.

I expect to be talking primarily about my experience working with large engagements and building the team and complimentary services (BackupMoxie, CloudMoxie) at Crowd Favorite along with some lessons learned from my WordPress HelpCenter experiment. But it’s a panel, so really the discussion could go anywhere. And that’s why it’s fun! 🙂

If you’d like to meet up at SxSW, please get in touch.

  1. My thanks to Shane for doing all the hard work and inviting me to participate. [back]

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