A Stellar use of Favorites

I’ve been wanting to do more with the favorites feature on Twitter for a long time. I’m not a big fan of retweets, and have always preferred to favorite things I like rather than rebroadcast them indiscriminately. Stellar.io has taken on the job of exposing this great content and making it follow-able, and it is already doing it really well.

Stellar.io is the first :scare: social web :/scare: service in a while that I’ve been excited about. Not only does it align up with my usage of Twitter, etc., but it provides me with great content. I’m only following a small group of folks right now (most of whom I’ve actually met), but I’m getting pure gold from them. I’m also getting a few more clever folks to follow directly on Twitter.

I’m primarily consuming my Stellar.io content through my feed reader, and it’s the only feed I have that isn’t inside a folder along with others. It’s quickly become my first stop when I open up my feeds.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Include the byline and “faved by” info in the content of the RSS feed as well.

    Web view

    As you can see (above), that info is fantastic context. I miss it when reading in the feed view (below).

    Feed reader view

  • Create a mobile web interface (a recent change to the zoom level made the current site much more mobile friendly, but a more specific mobile CSS would be helpful).
  • I’d like the ability to selectively follow some folks (only their Twitter, etc.), however I’m not complaining too loudly about this. Being forced to look at some stuff that isn’t 100% what I want gives more room for accidental discovery.
  • Instagram has an API now…

All of my suggestions are easily implemented and exactly the sort of thing you’d expect to be incomplete/missing in a brand new service. In short, Stellar is doing just about everything right already.