Affiliate Programs to Require Transparency

I received this from BlueHost the other day:

We’ve made an important addition to the Affiliate Agreement ( that may impact the way you manage your online promotions.

The change expressly requires you to disclose that there is a “material connection” between you and anytime you offer an endorsement or testimonial on our services. This disclosure is necessary in order to be deemed in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising:

View the FTC Endorsement Requirement in the Affiliate Agreement at:


If you provide reviews, rankings, endorsements or testimonials about a service for which you receive commissions from us, you must clearly disclose the fact that you receive such compensation in a clear and prominent place–that is close to your endorsement. The FTC takes the Endorsement guidelines seriously and has started to enforce them for both content providers like yourself and advertisers like

As an advertiser, will monitor affiliate sites to be sure our services are represented appropriately. Under the updated Affiliate Agreement, failure to comply with the endorsement guidelines could result in removal from our affiliate program and the cancellation of commissions.


I think this is a great thing. I’m also curious to see how it affects the myriad of affiliate/referral websites out there.