Where to Host WordPress Code?

I talked to a number of developers about at this year’s WordCamp SF about where best to publish WordPress code as a developer.

We definitely want to use the SVN repositories on WordPress.org so that released plugins can be easily available to the community, but there is very little developer community there. We’ve also used Google Code hosting in the past. It’s nice to have issue tracking, etc. but again there is not much community there. GitHub has a vibrant developer community and great collaboration tools, but it’s Git and the WordPress developer community infrastructure runs on SVN.

After a good bit of discussion within our team and discussion with other WordPress developers, we’ve decided to move everything to GitHub. We’ll still push the code to the WordPress SVN repos as a packaging step, and will occasionally have to maintain mirrored SVN repositories for specific projects; but the active development will happen in GitHub.

We have a few different projects that I think will really benefit from wider community involvement. In particular, we’ll be moving over our Carrington Core theme platform, our CF Revision Manager plugin, and our CF Post Formats code (which I moved earlier this week). Over time, we’ll get everything moved over – I’m hoping that we’ll start seeing forks and pull requests for these projects on GitHub.

Personally I’m going to be putting more and more code snippets on GitHub so that I can make code more generally available to the community without needing to package it up a plugin.

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