August, 2011

  1. BankSimple Going Centralized →

    Being centrally located allows us to collaborate more closely and create a strong and consistent culture.

    There are definitely benefits to distributed teams, but my experience indicates it’s hard to beat the production from folks sitting down together and banging on something.

  2. Corner Bikes

    I’ve been meaning to take a shot of this for a while. The light was a little flat in the late evening, so the black and white treatment ended up capturing the feel really nicely.

  3. WordPress Filter for Pingbacks

    My team and I have been working on a plugin to enable a better UI for post formats in the WordPress admin (more on this later, but feel free to grab the code and play with it). One of the things we’ve done is standardize on some custom field names for various bits of data…

  4. Why You Must Code →

    No matter how abstract our usage of technology, in the end we are subservient to the methods that computers use to understand what we are needing them for: code. Having an understanding of this should cause a degree of influence on both sides: you will think more abstractly about the possibilities of technology, but always be influenced by knowledge of how to make those abstractions a reality.

    Getting a start in coding isn’t as hard as people think. And starting is a virtuous circle to anyone with a little curiosity – each thing you learn opens another door.

  5. My MacBook Air (i7, 10.7.1) almost always fails to reconnect to wifi network when waking from sleep. Anyone else have this problem? #osx

  6. WordCamp San Francisco 2011 wrap up →

    Nice recap here from Devin. WordCamp SF has been growing each year, this year becoming a 3-day event. I also thought this year’s event was one of the best. If WordCamp SF is any indicator, the overall developer talent and experience level for WordPress is at an all-time high.

  7. Tech community, are we MTV or TED? →

    Instead of recognizing the entrepreneurs who have quietly risked it all to build something lasting, we get caught up in social media popularity contests and Twitter “influencers.” We too often ignore the men and women who have built companies that provide livelihoods for their employees while we fawn over self-help gurus offering four-hour short cuts.

    (thanks Nick)

  8. Based on my experience in London this week, it’s fair to say that any fashion combination you can think of qualifies for “it’s European”.

  9. I’m committed to migrating our #WordPress code to GitHub to encourage more involvement from the developer community, but there will be some short term pain while we have projects using both SVN and Git.