Deconstructing Samsung Refrigerator Model Numbers

I just did a bunch of research on refrigerators (we’re putting in larger kitchen area as part of the Crowd Favorite office remodel). If you’re looking at Samsung refrigerators, you’ll find a bunch that have very similar model numbers. I had a heckuva time trying to find out what the differences were between the following models:

  • RF266AEPN
  • RF266AERS
  • RF263AEPN
  • RF263AERS

Turns out that the PN vs RS bit at the end refers to the color. RS = stainless steel, PN = platinum. The platinum finish is a less finger-print-ey finish.

The 266 vs 263 parts refer to specific models/feature sets. The 266 has an internal water dispenser while the 263 does not.

And there you have it – hopefully of use to the next person trying to figure this all out.

Unrelated, check out the nice clean URLs on the Frigidaire website:

Broken down:

  • = brand (it’s 2011, can we all agree to get rid of www. now?)
  • products = site section (this could probably be omitted, if they wanted shorter URLs)
  • kitchen = logical product area (this could also be omitted, probably has some indexing value)
  • dishwashers = product type
  • fghd2433kf = specific model number

That’s a nice, clean, descriptive URL. It could certainly be shortened down a bit, but it’s a lot better than I see on most sites.