Crowd Favorite is Hiring: Technical Designer

Crowd Favorite is hiring! We’re looking to add a designer with good HTML and CSS chops to join our front-end team in our Denver, CO office.

Crowd Favorite is Hiring

I’m certainly biased, but I think this is a pretty great position. You will get to:

  • work with latest web standards
  • work on high-profile websites
  • conceptualize and create new user experiences and interfaces
  • collaborate with other talented team members on design and front-end implementation approaches
  • work with a great development team that won’t compromise design during implementation

We have a fast paced environment and you’ll be working on both internal and external (client) projects. You should have the following qualities:

  • love for a good challenge
  • love of creating usable features and championing the user’s experience
  • experience with/interest in product design
  • experience with/interest in website design
  • experience with/interest in some logo/branding work
  • experience with/interest in technical implementation using current front-end web standards

We’re looking for a demanding, detail-oriented, analytical thinker. A pixel off should keep you up at night (or at least from going home until it’s fixed). A well-designed feature should be inspected from all angles to make sure it will work exactly as desired. Things like inconsistencies in animation speeds between different features on the same page should be like nails on your chalkboard.

You’ll be working on a variety of projects and products, many relating to WordPress (prior experience with WordPress is not a requirement). Skills and talent are more important to us than experience, but relevant experience is definitely a plus.

If you want an opportunity to work where everyone around you cares deeply about the quality of their work; a place where you can utilize the latest and greatest solutions and best practices; a place where you can be proud of the work you’ve done; a place that will push you and challenge you – I want to hear from you.