iPhone Tethering on Verizon is now a Plan Change

One of the things I’ve liked about Verizon with my Droid and iPhone is the ability to flip on the HotSpot feature via the My Verizon app. I click on Plan Features and turn it on/off. Easy.

Last month I made some account changes and added some family members to my plan. I discovered that my unlimited data plan was converted to a 2GB plan and I could no longer enable the HotSpot via Plan Features.

I was able to get this fixed with a 5 minute phone call (spoke to a great rep), but it showed me a change in how Verizon is handling the HotSpot feature.

It appears that if you want to turn on the HotSpot feature with one of Verizon’s new data plans, this is now a plan change instead of enabling/disabling an add-on. Pricing is the same, but you change from a plan without HotSpot to one with.

Besides feeling like a much heavier change, plan changes have sometimes brought with them other implications (extending contracts, etc.). I don’t recall reading about this and unless I’d had my plan accidentally changed, I’d never have known about it either.

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