Not Getting GitHub Notifications?

I have been moving Crowd Favorite‘s Open Source projects to GitHub (as well as my personal projects). GitHub has great tools for this. We created an organization, added the team members to that organization, and created repositories for our projects.

As a few of our projects have enjoyed exactly the sort of developer community engagement I was hoping for (pull requests, issues, discussion), I discovered that my team was getting email notifications for these events but I was not. Instead, I would hear a comment from a colleague or get an email from someone every few weeks asking why I hadn’t responded to their issue.

Once you get past a few repositories, it’s not realistic to click through them all and see if there are new issues that need attention – the notifications are quite necessary.

After confirming that all notifications were enabled in my account settings, I eventually sent a note into GitHub support. I quickly got a response with the solution:

Users in the Owners group don’t receive notifications. You need to create a normal team and add yourself to it to get notifications for that team’s repos.

This was indeed the case. If you aren’t getting notifications for your organizations GitHub repositories and you are in the Owners group, add yourself to another group that has access to the repositories – that should do the trick.