WordPress 3.3 – Time to Upgrade

My upgrade to WordPress 3.3 was a simple svn switch command – everything just worked. The level of polish in the admin has really been stepped up in the last few releases. Hats off to all the folks doing great work there.

I’m probably most pleased that my media size patch was accepted; I think that’s a great addition for those of us that love to develop on WordPress as a platform.

I’ve got a few things to test and update to make sure they are working on the new trunk, then submit as patches for WordPress 3.4 – our post formats and fallbacks enhancements being the most notable. Hopefully that will see acceptance for core inclusion.

As far as I can tell, things are working smoothly. Of course, we’d already been testing Social and FavePersonal on pre-release versions WordPress 3.3 for a bit, so we’d already fixed up a few things. If you see anything around here that looks broken, do let me know. Thanks!