Carrington Themes on GitHub

As part of our move to Git, we now host our WordPress code on GitHub. Carrington Core was moved over a while ago and I finally finished migrating the rest of the themes from their old home on Google Code.

The themes are being renamed:

  • Carrington Blog is becoming FaveBlog
  • Carrington Text is becoming FaveText
  • Carrington Mobile is becoming, you guessed it, FaveMobile

We caused a bunch of confusion around the name “Carrington” when we attached it to everything. I’m hoping that removing it from the themes and having the “Carrington” name reserved for our underlying theme features (Carrington Core and Carrington Build) will help make it more clear that Carrington refers to our collection of developer and designer tools that make it easier to create great websites with WordPress. We’ve also initiated an internal project to create better designer/developer documentation for Carrington Core.

Updating the themes to the latest and greatest WordPress features and best practices is on the list for our intern projects and should be getting some attention in the immediate future. I’m optimistic we’ll have updated versions of these themes to release soon. I’m proud of our dedication to releasing code to the community, but once you hit a certain volume it becomes a real challenge to keep everything up to date.

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