May, 2012

  1. Social 2.5 Sketches

    I’ve already professed my love for Paper1, and one of my primary usages is for wireframing UX models. I used it for a few of the improvments we added in Social 2.5, and thought it might be fun to share a couple of them here. One of the biggest changes we made was an overhaul…

  2. Social 2.5

    I’m very pleased to share version 2.5 of Social with you. Brought to you by our good friends at MailChimp (see their blog post), Social is a WordPress plugin that connects your WordPress site to Twitter and Facebook in really interesting ways. Here are the high level bullet points: easily connect your Twitter and Facebook…

  3. Come and get it →

    Then I realized: I was trying to text asynchronously as though I were having an email conversation and she was using text as a form of synchronous chat. I was irritated because I wanted it to be one or the other but it’s both, and that’s why this generation of users likes it so much; you can initiate a conversation as either real-time or taking turns and then switch it up as you like.

    I’m a bit out in the cold on the texting thing too… hey, get off of my lawn!

  4. Social 2.5 beta 2

    We’re just about ready to put a bow on version 2.5 of Social. If you’d like to test the second beta release, grab it from GitHub. Social is a plugin that allows you to maintain a centralized conversation on your site, while also participating in conversations on Facebook and Twitter. This post is part of…

  5. It’s amazing how cold medicine that is to be taken every 4 hours is effective for exactly 3 hours and 30 minutes. #30minutesofsniffles

  6. ESPN On The Apple TV →

    I continue to think that it’s ESPN that has to be the true pioneer here. They’re the one content provider that has the cable companies by the balls. No cable provider can afford not to offer ESPN. So ESPN has the most leeway to do what they want without fear of retribution.

    That’s probably true.

  7. Glassboard 2.0 →

    In case you’re not familiar with Glassboard, here’s the deal: what Pair is to the bedroom, and Path is to the rec room, Glassboard is to the board room. (Hence “board” in the name. “Glass” refers to your phone’s screen.)

    This is the first explanation of the name that I’ve seen. The name always struck me as invoking exactly the wrong mental connections (glass = open, where GlassBoard’s major selling point = privacy). The new app UI seems quite nice from my initial exploration – very Path/Facebook/Sparrow-inspired.

    Disclaimer: I’m a fan and a friend of Brent Simmons.

    (via The Loop)