RAMP 1.1

When I was posting about our recent releases, I overlooked version 1.1 of RAMP. This is the first major feature release of RAMP, and we added a bunch of great features.

Perhaps the most useful user feature is the “quick send” feature. Now when you publish or update a post, there is a “RAMP It” button right there.

Quick Send

Click that button and a batch is created with that post in it, ready for pre-flight check and push from staging to production. This really improves the RAMP workflow for quick changes.

Quick Send Preflight

RAMP 1.1 brings some nice developer features as well. We made significant improvements to Extras callbacks to allow standalone comparison data, and we released a fully documented RAMP plugin skeleton and an example plugin. The RAMP process is somewhat complex, so hopefully these examples will help other developers extend RAMP for their needs. We also added a developer package that includes support for unlimited sites.

We also added support for non-public post types by default, improved the error checking for staging/production server connection issues and made a variety of changes for WordPress 3.4 compatibility.

If you are working on a WordPress site where you need to maintain staging and production environments, RAMP may be a solution for you.

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