Amazon Cloud Drive

Received this email from Amazon yesterday:

Your 20 GB + Cloud Player Premium Promotion subscription has ended and you are now limited to 250 imported songs in your Amazon Cloud Player library and 5 GB of free storage in Amazon Cloud Drive. If you would like to review your usage or subscribe to a new plan, visit the Manage Your Cloud Subscriptions ( page.

Hmm, did I ever use this thing? I remember thinking about it…

If your Cloud Player library contained more than 250 imported songs when your subscription expired, you will be unable to access your previously-imported music, but you will still be able to access all of your Amazon MP3 purchases.

That sounds like a bummer.

You are currently using 0.00 GB (emphasis mine) of Cloud Drive storage.


If your Cloud Drive account contains more than 5 GB of files you will be prevented from uploading additional files until you delete enough files to be under the 5 GB limit or subscribe to a storage plan with enough space for your files.

S’ok, I think we’re good.