Big WordPress Patch: Remove “stripslashes” from API Functions

For the last month or so I’ve been working on a patch to move the “stripslashes” functionality from the WordPress “model” API functions to the “controller” code (where it belongs). This change will mean that you don’t have to call add_magic_quotes() around your data when passing it to wp_insert_post(), wp_insert_user(), etc. As hardly any developers know to do this anyway, we can pretty much consider this “fixing a bug” (which is how this patch approaches the change).

I talked this over with a few different core developers at WordCamp SF this year, and I’m very hopeful that we can land this in 3.5. Check out the ticket on Trac (#21767) to see examples and a bit more detail. Help testing and identifying any edge cases I may have missed is very much appreciated.

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