Notes on FoldingText

Folding Text

UPDATE: There’s a nice customer support forum for FoldingText that I found after writing this post – lots of great info there. I’ve updated the content here accordingly.

I’ve been trying out FoldingText for the last couple of weeks and have found it to be a good general purpose writing and note-taking tool for me. BBEdit, my code editor of choice, already gave me the ability to “fold” blocks of Markdown like FoldingText does, but I prefer to do my non-code writing in a larger font (easily switching font-sizes is one of the few things BBEdit doesn’t do well). It’s effectively replaced IA Writer for me – my previous tool for this job.1

Besides general note taking, I’ve been using FoldingText to prepare my presentation for Pressnomics and have found it to be a good tool for outlining and navigating a larger content document.

A couple of tips:

  1. By default FoldingText saves files with a .ft extension. None of my iOS Dropbox text editors will open files with this extention (including Hog Bay’s own PlainText), but if you just want to view the file on iOS you can use the Dropbox app itself.
  2. I was surprised to see that FoldingText is a webkit app. If you want to change the default template content (for example, to have new files open without any help text), you can edit the template found at: You can disable the default content via terminal command.
  3. If you wish to customize the styling of the editor itself, you can make changes to the CSS files: I chose to set my line-height to 140% (line 14 of editor.css). Looks like theming is on the way!

As I don’t see an API for FoldingText themes (yet?2), expect to lose any changes you make in the next upgrade – you should keep a copy of your changed files somewhere so you can re-apply the changes after upgrading. It’s also very much a use at your own risk situation; if you don’t like the results of your edits you can always reinstall the app.

  1. I still use nvALT on the Mac for general notes, I am using FoldingText for “one off” documents and for authoring longer content where I utilize the folding feature. If I could embed the FT editor within nvALT, I’d probably use that full time. 
  2. One reason for making FoldingText a webkit app would be to support theming using CSS.