Weighing In

I currently weigh 169 pounds. My weight fluctuates between 167 and 173, but I’ve basically settled into a pretty good range and have been there for about the last three years.

Weight Chart

It was five years (and ~45 pounds) ago that I first started trying to drop some weight. About three years ago I was plateauing and I started using Lose It to track my calories and exercise. In doing this I learned about how to eat.

I don’t track my calories or exercise anymore, but I do weigh in every so often to make sure I’m still on track. The biggest ongoing changes for me are portion control, trying to eat a little healthier and avoiding deep-fried foods and sodas. I still eat the food I like (including desert!) but I know when I’ve indulged a bit and make sure I adjust for a few days to compensate.

My workout consistency has varied quite a bit. I ended up out of my routine for a few months this summer/fall, but am trying to get back into it consistently again. I feel better and stronger when I’m working out, and I can see a big difference in my volleyball performance.

Initially it took a good bit of willpower to eat less and eat healthier, but now it’s just how I eat. I need less food to feel full, and I feel better when I eat healthier. In general it feels like my body has gotten used to being at this weight and I no longer need to work actively to maintain it.

If you’ve been considering making a change like this, I hope my experience can provide some encouragement.

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