Take RAMP for a Spin

We recently added the ability to take RAMP for a test drive before you buy. On the RAMP page, click that “Demo” button to sign up and we’ll set up both a staging and production WordPress site for you – with RAMP installed and configured on both sites. You can log in, create and upload content, etc. Use the Quick Send feature to send a single change over immediately or make a bunch of change, add them to a batch, and send them all at once.

RAMP is a commercial GPL WordPress plugin for migrating content between your staging server and your production server. Maybe you need to create a few new pages, update a few others, stage it for internal review and critique and then push it all live at once. Maybe you need to tweak a few existing pages and want to make sure they look right before you make the changes on your live site. This is the job RAMP does. It’s a pretty hard job and RAMP does it in an elegant manner.

To answer a question I get with some regularity, I see RAMP as primarily a business tool for website maintenance and updates rather than a developer tool for moving a side from a local development environment to a production server.1 I talk about this in some depth on the ShopTalk podcast.

Give it a try and see how it works!

  1. There isn’t a technical limit here, it’s just the workflow I believe makes the most sense. 

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