iOS is (Better) for Consumption

I like iOS but even with the 10″ iPad it’s a 90+% consumption device for me. I don’t write code. I don’t work on my blog post drafts.1 I end up reading things and not replying – creating a backlog of stuff that needs to be done/written/filed/etc. When I’m out of stuff to read I feel stuck. I don’t feel I can do things on an iOS devices like I can on a laptop.

The only real exception to this is sketching wireframes on the iPad (in Notability). That I find quite satisfying.

I wonder if this is a generational thing – are :scare: kids today :/scare: able to do stuff on these devices I’m not? Or does everyone still need the platform to evolve a bit in this regard?

  1. I may try to force this a little more, in theory I should be able to.