Fullscreen Editor Preview Button for WordPress

I updated my fullscreen editor preview button plugin for WordPress 3.5 and decided to release it as a plugin on WordPress.org. Mainly, this meant writing a README (and creating a proper repo for it on GitHub).

Fullscreen Editor Preview Button Screenshot

This is a simple one-trick-pony plugin – it adds a Preview button to the fullscreen editor toolbar. Nothing more, nothing less. If you’ve been up late at night pining away for this feature, this plugin is your new best friend.


A quick note about support: As this is a free plugin released under the GPL I am offering only “Product Support” for this plugin. That means I will do my best to fix bugs and usabiity issues. Contrast this with “User Support” which we offer for all of Crowd Favorite‘s commercial products. With “User Support” we do our best to troubleshoot and address each customer’s issues.

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