March, 2013

  1. iCloud and Core Data →

    Michael Tsai curates and excerpts a damning collection of posts outlining developers’ problems trying to use iCloud.

    I trust iCloud with my contacts because that’s one part of MobileMe that actually worked, but that’s all I use it for (by choice). I tried using Notes with iCloud sync once. I typed out an email draft for 35 minutes in it on my iPhone, then launched Notes on my iPad and watched everything I had typed disappear. I cringe whenever I see other people using Notes, I hope they have better luck than I did.

  2. To: Family & Friends

    Date: March 30, 2013

    Subject: A good “off” week

    Hi Everyone– This was my “off” week from treatment and I did feel pretty normal. It had been long enough after my port installation procedure that I was able to resume working out. The port area is still a little sore, but improving. I’ve put on some more weight this week as well, I’m only…


  3. There’s a special circle of hell for sites that intercept email unsubscribe requests and redirect them to a mobile splash/home page.

  4. The Problem with PwdHash

    I care about Passwords. I’ve been using PwdHash as my secure password solution since February of 2007. It’s been a good solution for me, but it has a flaw that has recently become more frequently exposed. The way PwdHash works it creates a hash from two inputs: the domain of the website the password you…

  5. Jettison →

    I only started using this today, but it appears to do what it says: eject externals drives before sleep and re-mount them on wake. Very handy if you have a laptop plus external drive set-up like I do.

    (thanks One Thing Well)

  6. Interesting thing about Google Reader shuttering: Google basically saying that “what we read” data isn’t valuable to them.

  7. GameTonight Now Understands MLB Preseason

    If you rely on GameTonight, you’ll be happy to know that it now understands the MLB pre-season schedule. The Grapefruit and Cactus league games should no longer be causing a “Yes” response when you check to see if there is a game tonight in your metro. Example: Denver This post is part of the project:…

  8. To: Family & Friends

    Date: March 22, 2013

    Subject: First Treatment

    Hi Everyone– On Monday I had my first chemotherapy treatment. I’m still on the every-other-week FOLFOX regimen, with the addition of Avastin (which will start on the next treatment). I will have 4 treatments, then a PET scan to see if the treatments are working. If they are, I’ll continue through a full 12 treatments…