iPhone 5 WiFi Weirdness

About a week ago my iPhone 5 started acting strangely with my home network. It appears to have stopped joining the WiFi network (my network connectivity has dropped to 3G/LTE with the expected latency and my battery life has suffered as you’d expect).

Oddly, while it doesn’t show the WiFi icon in the top bar it still shows the WiFi network as selected in one settings screen.


Though on the next settings screen it just spins and never shows the checkmark (and I can’t click the arrow to see the IP address, etc.).


Even more curious, while the iPhone doesn’t appear to be on the WiFi network it can still AirPlay to the AppleTVs on the network. I have no idea how.


I’ve tried rebooting the iPhone and router; “forgetting” the networks and re-adding them to the iPhone. None of our other iOS devices (including another iPhone 5) have this problem. Has anyone ever seen something like this before? Tips? Suggestions?

UPDATE: See follow-up/solution here.