Announcing Threads


I’ve just released an initial beta of Threads, a WordPress plugin I’ve been working on for about a year. The idea is simple: show posts that comprise a single overall story/topic in a timeline. Then link to that timeline from the posts so that your readers have a chance to get more historical context about a post without you having to link back to 20 previous posts.

Here are some example threads:

As you can see on this site, the thread timeline is responsive and retina/HiDPI ready. Also included is a sidebar widget to show recently active threads and a shortcode so that you can embed a thread timeline in a page.

Give it a spin – I hope it works out well for you!

A quick note about support: As this is a free plugin released under the GPL I am offering only “Product Support” for this plugin. That means I will do my best to fix bugs and usabiity issues that are posted on the WordPress support forums. Contrast this with “User Support” which we offer for all of Crowd Favorite‘s commercial products. With “User Support” we do our best to troubleshoot and address each customer’s issues.

Developers, contributions are welcome on GitHub.

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