The Problem with 1Password

UPDATE: this is a clever solution. (thanks Mark)

I recently wrote about the problem with PwdHash and have started making the move to 1Password as a result of my deliberations. I’ve discovered that 1Password has it’s own primary flaw: you need a device to access your passwords.

With PwdHash I could always generate a password via my web interface. With 1Password, I need to have my phone, iPad or laptop with me in order to access a stored password. This created an interesting chicken and egg situation as I tried to get an Android device set up to access some of my various accounts. I first had to install Dropbox and manually enter my Dropbox password from my phone before I could access 1Password from the new device.

Overall my switch to 1Password has been just OK. The Chrome extension seems to fail way too often at its primary purpose of filling password fields so I end up using copy/paste way more than I expected. I’m continuing to change my passwords over though, I’m not reversing course at this point.

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