GameTonight for Status Board

GameTonight now creates a module for Panic’s excellent Status Board iPad app. The URL is simple, add ‘/statusboard’ to any metro URL or, while on your iPad, click the link at the bottom of each GameTonight page to install the current metro in Status Board. Example:

Here’s what you get:

Game Tonight: Yes

Game Tonight: No

It currently looks best at a minimum size 4×4 units, but it probably wouldn’t be hard to add some media queries to support down to a 1×4+ ticker-style display. We’ll see if there’s demand.

I actually created a web app similar to Status Board a few years back that I called GlanceBoard. I had modules for traffic, weather, GameTonight, Twitter, etc., but was missing a good way to do layout and never got around to releasing it. I’m thrilled to completely mothball that project and use Status Board instead.

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