June, 2013

  1. Paneling at WordCamp SF →

    I’m looking forward to being on a panel with some of my friends at WordCamp San Francisco this year. I was on Shane’s panel at SxSWi a couple years back, and paneled with Jake at WordCamp Albuquerque last year, but haven’t been on stage with Brad before. Should be fun!

  2. The Difference Between Jobs and Opportunities →

    Here’s what an opportunity looks like: the person interviewing you listens to what you’re interested in. The prospective colleagues you meet come from a variety of backgrounds, colleges and universities. The hiring manager promises that you’ll wear a number of hats, that the lines are slightly blurry around your role, that your evolution at the company depends on things like your initiative and curiosity and hard work.

    Emphasis mine.

    I really like this post from Jen, we definitely give opportunities at Crowd Favorite.

  3. To: Family & Friends

    Date: June 26, 2013

    Subject: 8th Treatment Yesterday

    Hi Everyone– I’m 2/3 of the way through my chemo treatments! The doctor isn’t going to let me shave off any treatments, even with the clean PET scan, but I can appreciate his “this is the time to be aggressive” approach. I’ll be done with the 12 treatments at the end of August. Assuming that…


  4. I can work with no internet or with good internet. In between, time is lost to fiddling and the little stuff (emails, etc.) takes too long.

  5. Life advice for new designers and the rest of us →

    You’ve just completed your degree and you’re about to start a career, but know that you can always change. You just got an education in creative thinking, and with it you can solve any problem, not just the ones in your field of study.

    Great stuff from Aarron.