July, 2013

  1. To: Family & Friends

    Date: July 31, 2013

    Subject: Treatment #10 Update

    Hello All– Yesterday I received my 10th FOLFOX chemo treatment – 10 down, 2 to go. So far this is progressing much like the previous treatments. I’m still on the reduced dose of Oxaliplatin and that probably will be dropped in treatments 11 and 12. My next PET scan will be at the end of…


  2. WordCamp SF 2013

    I had a great time, as usual, at WordCamp SF. It’s a pleasure to connect and reconnect with people in person. I had the privilege of participating on a panel discussion that was pretty well received. The video isn’t quite up on WordPress.tv yet, but I’ll post when it is. I was flattered to have…

  3. My Biggest Take-Aways from WordCamp San Francisco 2013 →

    My biggest take-aways from WordCamp San Francisco 2013 were:

    • 2 water bottles
    • 4 t-shirts
    • 10 stickers
    • 2 pair of sunglasses

    …but seriously, the sessions I attended were great and I was able to see the direction that the WordPress project and community are headed. All while having some serious (and fun) discussions (with beverages).

    I only got a single t-shirt and water bottle (thanks Nick!), and a couple of pairs of sunglasses that my daughter’s stuffed animals are enjoying.

    A definite +1 from me on the evolution of development best practices and growth in the project leadership. I expect WordPress development will look a lot different (for the better) at WordCamp SF 2014.

  4. The Benefit of Mentor Whiplash →

    I believe that if you ask five mentors the same question you’ll get seven different answers.

    Definitely – the benefit of talking to mentors is not to have them tell you what to do, it is to learn how they approach issues given their particular background, experience and values. At least that’s how I approach the advice I give, I hope they are taking it that way. 🙂

  5. Left my iPad on a plane a few weeks back, resorting to wireframing with pen and paper.


  6. Already ran into some fellow WordCampers on the BART from SFO. Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend.

  7. Shooting the Messenger →

    In reality (assuming that Baliç is indeed the source for this downtime), a security researcher with a proven track record of being a white hat hacker discovered the vulnerability and reported it to Apple through their official channels: RadarWeb.

    Very solid piece from Justin.

    I’m thinking about the best way to add a “security” page for my current and future projects too.

  8. Blog Nav Moved to Footer

    Footer Blog Nav

    I’ve moved my extended blog navigation feature to the footer of all blog pages. I didn’t hate the mega-menu treatment, but I think this is better. I also chose to remove my deprecated projects from the navigation list. This allows me to remove the topic and date archives from my sidebar as well. I’ve kept…

  9. New T-Shirts


    I arrived back from vacation to find these guys waiting for me. The one on the left is my own design (a simplified version of the Share Icon), printed through Custom Ink. The one on the right is a shirt from Rands that I very much like. Order one for yourself it’s for a great…