July, 2013

  1. Biggest issue with current fitness trackers: I don’t want anything on my wrist when golfing or playing volleyball (my two primary sports).

  2. Full Webpage Screenshots

    A few folks have asked how I took the full-page screenshots I put into this Flickr set. Very simple: Paparazzi on Mac (I donated) Barry on iOS Great examples of “do one thing, do it well” apps. Recommended.

  3. Entropy Crushers →

    I’ve spoken to a lot of people about team growth and scaling recently. So far I’m content with limiting our growth and continuing to allow each team member to have a great deal of responsibility and autonomy. That said, we do have roles (such as Project Manager) that loosely defines each person’s primary area of responsibility.

  4. Rainbow iPhone Springboard

    Behold, all of my apps, organized (loosely) by color. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but never wanted to invest the time or have to put everything back. With iOS 7 around the corner (bringing new icon styles), now it seemed as good a time as any to have a little fun.…

  5. RAMP 1.2 and a RAMP Post ID Meta Conversion Plugin

    We released an update to RAMP yesterday to address a compatibility issue introduced in WordPress 3.5.2 as well as adding support for the post locking feature that will be arriving in WordPress 3.6 and addressing a few other issues. This is a recommended upgrade for all customers. We also released the RAMP Post ID Meta…

  6. How Experts Think →

    I like perspective. I’ve seen this happen a lot with developers at different stages of their careers. Architects/leads and sit down and walk in lock-step through a problem in minutes that would have been a much longer conversation with less experienced devs.

  7. Introducing Ruby gems: Capistrano-WP and Steps →

    Capistrano-WP is a Ruby gem containing recipes for deploying, rolling back, and maintaining remote WordPress installations with Capistrano.

    We’ve been investing quite a bit in our internal tools over the last year or so. It is awesome to be able to spin up a project locally, with good data, in minutes. It’s even cooler when you can run a simple command to update the staging environment, make updates to the master database or pull down the latest master database.

    People frequently ask if RAMP can push plugin and theme changes as part of it’s deployment process. The reason we’ve focused solely on making RAMP a WordPress content migration tool is because there are already so many good tools for code deployment.

    I’m very pleased we got our wrapper to the point it was ready for public release. Need help with getting a good deployment strategy in place for WordPress? We can help.

  8. What We’ve Seen Lately →

    What I’m not saying is that the Mariners have one of the league’s best offensive units. What I am saying is that the Mariners have recently had one of the league’s best offensive units, and we just haven’t seen that from them in god-damned forever. So it’s a different feeling, a new feeling, a fresh feeling, where we get to watch these Mariners and separate them from the Mariners of months and seasons past. It’s re-energizing, because we’ve been able to feel like we’re fans of a whole different ballclub.

    It’s been hard watching the Mariners rebuild for years and years and years now, with seemingly good moves and signings (Adrian Beltre anyone) falling flat while players that were passed on in the draft or let go are thriving (Tim Lincecum, Adam Jones).

    I’d love to see them competitive again while King Felix is still in his prime.

  9. Late night inspiration leads to a little morning spec work (for a friend). I have a problem leaving good ideas unrealized.

  10. Blog Navigation Mega Menu

    Blog nav mega menu

    I’m experimenting with a mega menu for my blog navigation. Exposing my content better is always something I’m thinking about, and this gives folks the ability to view by date, type, project, thread and category. Pretty comprehensive. The feature will definitely find a permanent home on this site, I’m just not sure where. The mega…

  11. To: Family & Friends

    Date: July 16, 2013

    Subject: Treatment #9 Today

    Hi Everyone– Today I’m receiving my 9th of 12 FOLFOX chemo treatments. My doctor reduced my dose of Oxaliplatin so hopefully we’ll see a corresponding reduction in side effects. This is “on schedule”, and it’s likely that drug will be dropped entirely for treatments #11 and 12. While I’ve been impressed at how well the…


  12. GitHub Activity WordPress Plugin

    I wanted to better expose stuff I’m doing on GitHub that I may not be actvely blogging about1, so I decided to pull in my GitHub activity feed and show it in the Projects page sidebar. I created a WordPress plugin for this that includes a shortcode and sidebar widget. I’ve submitted it to WordPress.org,…

  13. Changing The Creepy Guy Narrative →

    Right now I’m sitting here typing out this story, and I’m still not entirely sure why I’m not nursing a fat lip or a black eye.  Because that obviously made him so mad that I still am not sure why it didn’t come to blows.

    This is awesome! (thanks Anna via Rich)