One thing I’ve learned by publishing on this site for the last decade: the presentation needs of your site will change as your content grows.

The thing that’s been bugging me most over the last few months is how poorly my projects page reflects the projects I’m actually working on. I’ve decided to try to solve this with three changes:

  1. I’m creating a “projects” taxonomy to better group posts that relate to a given project.
  2. I intend to write a bit more about the stuff I’m working on.
  3. My projects page will be powered by the content on this site instead of by static content that I forget to update.

I’m going to be converting a few “threads” and a few “categories” to “projects”, and I’ve gone through my content and selected the posts that need to be attached to each project. I’m also borrowing the presentation from my threads plugin for projects, as I believe the timeline is a good way to show that a project is active or dormant.

I’ll post the scripts on GitHub when they are tested and solid, this type of moving and re-categorizing content is something I expect more people will want to do as their content grows and evolves.