RAMP 1.2 and a RAMP Post ID Meta Conversion Plugin

We released an update to RAMP yesterday to address a compatibility issue introduced in WordPress 3.5.2 as well as adding support for the post locking feature that will be arriving in WordPress 3.6 and addressing a few other issues. This is a recommended upgrade for all customers.

We also released the RAMP Post ID Meta Translation plugin (hosted on GitHub) that should make RAMP even more useful for more complex sites. It gives you the ability to designate certain custom fields (by key) to be treated as post IDs and translated as part of the RAMP deploy process.

This means if you have a plugin that is storing a post ID as post meta to indicate a relationship, or perhaps an additional image (attachment) ID as post meta, those can now be properly converted to point to the content deployed to your production site. This was probably the top requested feature for RAMP, so I’m thrilled to be able to make it available.

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