Stickies as Visual Organizer

For the last few months I’ve been trying something new to visually organize my priorities. I’m using the built-in OS X Stickies app as a visual organizer.


I have a separate desktop that I use just as a Stickies board. It’s easy for me to switch over to it as needed when I want a bird’s eye view of everything I have going on. The way I organize the Stickies makes sense to me – you’ll likely have your own method.

When you have lots of projects, it can be hard to prioritize all of the things you need to do. I’ve created a sticky for each project where I jot notes for the next few things I want to work on, and move them around into current priority order. This allows me to focus on my top priority with visual reassurance that other things aren’t forgotten, they just aren’t being worked on right now.

Give it a try.