The Making of Rands in Repose

I’ve put up a detailed post on the Crowd Favorite blog that outlines the approach, process and execution phases of our redesign of Rands in Repose (and conversion of the site from Moveable Type to WordPress).

We’re putting a bunch of good content up on the Crowd Favorite blog these days. There are already a couple of project stories up there, and we’ve got a bunch of stuff in the pipeline, include some more product and technical posts.

Our top goals for the new Crowd Favorite website were:

  1. simplify
  2. tell more stories about the cool stuff we’re doing

The blog is our main tool for #2, and I believe it will help us attract clients and customers that appreciate our brand of thoughtful approach to projects and products. You’ll see me linking to a bunch of stuff there – stuff that would occasionally be posted on this site instead. And yes, we’ve got a post on the “making of” for the Crowd Favorite site in the queue as well.