2013 in Review

2013 was a challenge on many fronts. There was the obvious which brought many, many ramifications with it. It was also a year filled with fun, family, and accomplishments I’m proud of. Inspired by Steve, I’m putting together my first year in review post featuring photos.

It all started well with the first thorough cleaning I’d given my office in years.

A clean desk

We took a family trip to Hawaii at the end of January.

Little did I know that I had emergency surgery waiting for me when I returned. My team was very supportive and kept everything humming along nicely at Crowd Favorite while I was out of commission.

The Crowd Favorite team

The doctors cleared me to go on our planned family trip to Tucson at the end of February. I had to take a wheelchair through the airport on the way out, but was able to walk well enough not to need one on the way back.

By late March I was well enough to get in a half day of snowboarding.


In April I was doing a little soccer practice with my daughter.

soccer practice

We got one of our classic snow dustings in April. I had to pull over and take a photo – I live in a beautiful part of the country.

snow on the flatirons

My daughter turned 4 in late April.

Caitlin turns 4

I pretty much was back in the swing of things at the office in May, and enjoying being downtown again.

I was also able to start swinging a golf club again.

dramatic clouds

We got back up to the mountains in June


and I took my daughter to a baseball game (we made it to the 7th inning).

Rockies game

Later that month, I attended OwnerCamp – what a great experience.

My golf game was in good enough shape to participate in the Junior Achievement charity tournament.

A few weeks later, I followed that up with a week off from chemo and a family trip to Minnesota.

I made it out to WordCamp San Francisco and participated on a business panel while I was there.

Panel: Teaming Up: From Freelance to WordPress Agency

We made it back up to the mountains in August.

I launched a redesigned version of GameTonight? at the end of the month.


In September, my friend golf buddy Jim came over and taught me how to make a pie. I’m due to give it a try on my own.

September was the end of my first round of chemo. I spent some time getting my golf game in shape

then joined 8 friends on a weekend golf trip to Myrtle Beach.

I had a busy travel schedule in October. Enjoying my break from chemo, I first headed east for my third annual Monktoberfest and a weekend in Freeport, ME.

I followed that up with Pressnomics

and a weekend trip to Vegas.

In November, Karim and I were well into discussions to bring VeloMedia and Crowd Favorite together.

Karim and Alex

The deal was announced just before WordCamp Denver.

I started up with chemo again in November, but it was scheduled so that were we able to have a great family Thanksgiving.


In mid-December, we went up to the mountains for a little early season snowboarding and sledding.

Over the Christmas holiday, we were able to have both sides of our family join us in Denver.

I’ve run the numbers for my site again this year (the code is available here). I ended up with exactly the same number of posts as I had in 2012; nearly 3 posts per day. If I exclude photo and status posts, my average post length is 693 words, down a little from 1014 words last year. I’m going to say that being a little more concise is probably a good thing.

My site with FavePersonal is continuing to serve me as I want it to. I’m posting more frequently, a wider variety of content, participating on Facebook and Twitter, and owning my online identity and data.

Year Posts Avg. Length Total Length Comments (Mine)
2013 1,066 239 255,101 2,632 (77)
2012 1,066 308 328,544 1,645 (106)
2011 936 375 350,543 1,179 (93)
2010 732 604 442,427 1,037 (92)
2009 902 413 372,081 1,743 (109)
2008 1,096 335 367,283 2,394 (151)
2007 1,627 437 711,071 3,619 (276)
2006 555 1,697 942,003 2,921 (442)
2005 496 1,397 692,791 2,445 (438)
2004 635 1,090 692,353 2,188 (523)
2003 659 721 474,960 641 (227)
2002 71 784 55,667 40 (30)

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