What Would I Use a Smart Watch For?

I haven’t been tempted by any of the smart watches currently on the market, though the just announced Meta looks nice. It got me thinking about what I’d want from a device on my wrist.

I don’t think I’d want notifications about email, text messages or social networks. I already get those from my phone and I don’t see the point of an alert on a device that doesn’t allow me to take action. That means the information I’d want is limited to fairly simple stuff.

  • Current weather and forecast would be nice, I wouldn’t need to pull out my phone to check that before heading outside.
  • My next appointment(s) would be handy as well.
  • Fitness tracking would be handy. I like my Fitbit, but would be happy to have one fewer devices
  • I suppose being able to see who is calling without getting the phone out would be handy for my several phone calls per week.

That’s about the full list I’ve come up with. What do you want from a smart watch?