iPad Use and Productivity

Over the last year or so I’ve made a slow transition to only using my iPad as my “evening” machine. I read my feeds and emails, catch up on social networks, Instapaper content, etc. And as I’ve transitioned to the iPad, that’s all I’ve been doing at night.

I bounce around looking for more content to consume, but I don’t reply to emails (creating a backlog). I’m not writing blog posts. I’m not coding or experimenting.

Time to read and think is good, but it’s gotten way out of balance. I used to be more productive; and I miss that. I love my iPad for content consumption, but I need to balance my consumption and creation better if I’m going to build some of the things I want to build here in the near future.

That starts now.

(I originally wanted to title this post “iPad Considered Harmful” as a nod to this classic, but ultimately decided against it.)