Blue Skies at Forest Hills

What a difference a day makes. Today turned into the kind of day I was hoping for on this trip and I took advantage of the weather to play a round of golf at Forest Hills. I was joined by two British chaps who had arrived in the wee hours of the morning. They were great company.


The round itself started a little rough, but I got my posture figured out at the turn and had a great back nine. My most adventurous hole was number 14. It was a dogleg right and I hit my drive just through the fairway on the left side and found myself right behind a tree. I tried to draw a nine iron around the tree, but was mainly concerned about hitting the ball off the tree directly in front of me and having it come back in my face. So naturally I hit it thin and dead right out of bounds. :bang: I took my drop and hit nine iron again onto the green, then made a 30 foot putt to save bogey. 🙂

Here are a few more notes on Forest Hills and here are a few photos from the round:

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