Crowd Favorite is Hiring

We’ve got a ton of great stuff going on at Crowd Favorite right now. We are hiring for front and back end web developers, and we just put out a call for junior developers.

While our first preference is to continue expanding our offices in Denver, Los Angeles (and Orange County), Las Vegas and Bucharest, we’re also considering remote candidates. The exception is for the junior developer position, we’re only considering candidates at our offices for that position so that we can more easily provide support and mentorship.1 We have a great developer-centric culture that embraces learning, sharing and best practices – come join us!

We’ve also updated our RAMP and Carrington Build WordPress products this week. RAMP handles selectively pushing content from your staging to your production environment while Carrington Build provides drag-and-drop editorial control for your high value pages.

If you’re thinking all this activity explains the lack of recent blog posts here, I won’t argue with that conclusion. 🙂

  1. I expect we’ll get good enough at this to support remote junior developers well in the future, but we’re not there yet. 

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