To: Family & Friends

Date: January 23, 2015

Subject: Continuing with Clinical Trial

This was originally an email written to my family and friends on the date above. I decided to make these public in the event they may be helpful to someone in the future who is embarking on a similar journey to mine.

Hi Everyone,

I’m pleased to report that the liver markers in my blood work have improved as hoped after the insertion of the stent and I’ve been able to get back on the clinical trial. I had an infusion on the 15th and another yesterday (the 22nd). Based on the last two weeks it looks like I can expect about a 6-7 hour process on infusion days. Luckily the internet connection is strong and I haven’t had any trouble streaming Netflix to pass the time.

Side effects from this trial are fairly minimal so far and I’ve been told that I can expect them to continue as-is rather than having a growing cumulative effect. I’m experiencing some fatigue and had trouble sleeping last night, but otherwise I’m feeling pretty good (especially when I get enough sleep). The (additional) hair loss hasn’t hit me yet, but that’s expected – maybe in the next week or so.

My treatment schedule is 2 weeks on, 1 week off. I get a break on the 29th and then resume infusions on February 5th. I think that means I’ll be at full strength to root for my hometown Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

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