To: Family & Friends

Date: February 13, 2015

Subject: Clinical Trial Progress / CT Scan Results

This was originally an email written to my family and friends on the date above. I decided to make these public in the event they may be helpful to someone in the future who is embarking on a similar journey to mine.

Hi Everyone,

I got some good news yesterday when I went in for treatment. The results from my CT scan earlier this week show a significant reduction in size of my abdominal lymph nodes and with the nodules in/around my liver. There is some minor growth in the nodules in my lungs, but these are still relatively small and are “not life threatening” per my doctor. My doctor was clearly happy and excited about the results. I have been feeling better in the last few weeks after getting on a consistent trial schedule and was cautiously optimistic that the CT scan results would show that the trial drug was working.

It was a bit of work to get into this clinical trial, but it was definitely worth it. I’m now 5 treatments in, and the plan for now is to keep doing what we’re doing: 2 weeks on, 1 week off.

I’m feeling a good bit of fatigue on the treatment weeks but I felt pretty good on the off week 2 weeks ago. Hopefully I’ll be feeling good again on the off week coming up. As for the hair – it’s definitely going. I’m down to needing to shave about twice a week and the stuff on top is thinning more than it already was. Seems a reasonable trade-off to me. Now I just need to put on about 30-40 pounds again.

Glad to be able to share some good news after the rough patch last summer/fall. 🙂

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