Hosting Recommendation?

I need to transfer my sites to a new web host. Having been out of the web hosting shopping arena for some time now, I could use a little advice.

My main traffic site is this one (~30-40k pageviews/month) which is a WordPress powered site. I also have several other PHP apps installed on this site, so I’d prefer not to go to a WP-specific host.

Further, I have several smaller sites I need to transfer as well and they are a mix of WP-powered and “other” web apps.

I’d like to find a host that makes it easy for me to add new domains/sites under a single umbrella account (with shared resource limits) as I have new ideas, with easy SSH/SFTP access, Git client, and phpMyAdmin or equivalent for easy maintenance. I should also note that these are personal sites and pet projects – I have neither a big budget nor expensive needs for these sites.

Do you host somewhere (or are you a host) that meets my requirements? Please let me know in the comments.