In Praise of BackupBuddy

I’m thrilled with my new hosting set-up for this site, however WebFaction doesn’t offer daily backups. I knew could spend the time to write a little script to export my database and pass it along to another storage location, but then I thought of BackupBuddy from iThemes.

5 minutes later I had BackupBuddy installed, with a nightly job configured to do a full export of my database and store the last 10 days of backups in my Dropbox account.

Sure, I could have written the code to do this myself. It’s always tempting to do-it-yourself when you know you can do something. The key is to ask yourself if you should do something. It would have taken much more than 5 minutes to get even a simple backup script written and configured; and I definitely wouldn’t have had the storage and and automation options that BackupBuddy provides out of the box.

If you need hassle-free backups for your self-hosted WordPress site1, give BackupBuddy a try.

  1. If you have a website, please make sure you have an automated backup system, and that you’ve tested your backups to make sure they actually work.