Returning to My Indy Roots

Back in September I went on medical leave at Crowd Favorite. That ended on March 15th and due to a number of reasons, I’m not going to be re-joining the team in my previous capacity. Instead, I will be an advisor to Crowd Favorite while I return to my independent developer roots.1

The largest factor in this decision was a desire to have complete control over what I’m putting my effort into. If you’re thinking that this kind of selfishness can be poisonous in a team atmosphere, I would agree with you whole-heartedly. Dealing with cancer has been a sharpener for me. I am more careful than ever about how I spend my time, and that doesn’t fit well into a team dynamic. No matter how great the team is.


Monarchy is my new one-man shop. I am offering consulting, development, and UX design services. I’m only interested in touching enterprise-scale projects as a consultant or to fill a specific role.2 I will also be working on some pet projects that have been relegated to the back burner over the years.

While I love the team I helped build at Crowd Favorite and I look forward to their continued success, I’m also looking forward to transitioning away from the management and leadership role I had there and spending my time on the actual :scare: hands-on :/scare: work.

  1. I also expect to continue to contribute to a variety of Crowd Favorite’s Open Source projects. 
  2. If you need a full-service agency for WordPress projects, talk to Crowd Favorite

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