Yesterday I sent out a FeedLounge newsletter to the people who had filled out the form for more information/beta test. I included a brief synopsis of what we’re doing and working on, and also offered alpha spots to the first 100 people to reply1.

I somewhat underestimated the response that would get. Scott called me about a half hour after the e-mail went out:

What the heck did you do?


There are 500+ unread messages in my Inbox!

Oh, yeah… that. 🙂

At this writing, I still have 500 replies to read and they keep coming, even though I posted that we were full on the FeedLounge blog about 10 minutes after I sent the e-mail. We’ll see how things go once these new folks have gotten settled in – we might be able to let more in.

One of the things I asked in the newsletter was how much people would be comfortable paying for the paid features of FeedLounge. This was an intentionally vague question as I was curious where people would go with it.

So far, the majority of people have indicated that they are willing to pay for a service like FeedLounge assuming they like it and feel there is sufficient benefit over free options. While this is certainly not a sampling of the general internet populus, it does give us confidence that we are indeed building a viable service.

  1. Since we have more capacity on the new alpha server. [back]

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