FeedLounge Review Notes

Andrew West has put up a great review of FeedLounge. I especially like the way he’s seeing what we have now and imagining how more cool stuff can be added in the future.

As I did with Chris Meller’s review, I wanted to clarify a couple of minor points:

Due to the ajax nature of the site, new items will appear as you are browsing – there’s no need to refresh the page at any point.

This will be true in the near future, but at the moment the unread counts don’t get updated when new items appear on the server.

…there’s no bookmarklet as yet.

Actually. 🙂 We need to put that in a more “official” place.

It’s a little slow currently. It’s faster than Newsgator but not so snappy as Bloglines. This could well be a side-effect of using ajax, to be fair.

It’s mainly due to FeedLounge running on one tiny single processor box right now (including all the feed refreshing).

I’d personally like the option of opening links in a new tab by default.

That is what everyone wants, but there is no code to say “open in new tab”, only “open in new window”. Here is our FAQ.

Thanks Andrew, glad you’re lounging happily!

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