Mashup Camp, Day 2

Day 2 of Mashup Camp was a little more informal (if that’s possible) than day 1 – it was quite interesting to see everyone’s creations in action and discuss various development challenges with them.

Special thanks to: my travel partner Steve, Adam, DeWitt, Anil, Niall, Davey, Tim and everyone else I had the pleasure of learning from over the past 2 days.

Other posts of note:

  1. This is a perfect example of one of the many reasons why partial content feeds are bad: Sharpcast is a new company to me, one that I know little about (other than Adam is working there – cool!). I’m willing to subscribe to their feed to follow what they’re up to. However, since I’m merely watching from the sidelines with miid interest and am not yet invested, I’m very unlikely to click through to any of their posts – thus by choosing to offer a partial content feed they have lost an opportunity to have me read their content where it is convenient to me while I’m navigating through my unread items, which might get me invested.

    Another bad choice is making the RSS .92 feed the linked feed on the blog. Not having a date published for the items in the feeds is bad. Luckily, they use WordPress, so you can find their RSS 2 feed or Atom feed pretty easily. [back]

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